MPDSmart™ Software

Get a real-time view of what is happening in your wellbore.

Software Features

Fully Automated

Wireless Communication

Cloud Connection

Robotics Enabled with MPDSmart™ Manifold

Multiplatform Viewers

EDR Data Streaming

Engineering Features

Integrated Hydraulics Model

MPD Smart™ built in to provide you with real-time bottom hole pressures and maximum control

Real Time Surge & Swab

Automated choke reaction to adjust for pressure changes due to pipe movement

SBP High Limit

Built in automated pressure relief to ensure the weakest point in your wellbore is never compromised

Kick & Loss Detection

Automated choke response to kick and loss events to alert crew and act faster than conventional methods

Multiple Pressure Control Mode

Customizable pressure control modes include SBP and BHP or ECD at any point in the wellbore

Downhole Mud Tracker

Visual representation to allow for 100% accurate tracking of pills, displacements, sweeps and more

Client MPDSmart™ Viewer Platforms

Desktop App

Mobile App

Web App

MPDSmart™ Mobile Viewer

Don’t have access to a computer? No problem! Now you can monitor your MPD operations on the go with Opla’s mobile viewer. With full functionality at your fingertips and customizable alerts you will always be up to date with what is happening on-site. Available on the App Store & Google Play.

MPDSmart™ Web Viewer

Access every detail of your MPD operations by logging on to Opla’s MPDSmart™ web viewer. Retrieved from the cloud every second to provide you with a true real-time view of what is happening on location. Increased visibility of field operation by monitoring from any device with access to a web browser. Compatible with Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Firefox.

Hardware Integration

MPDSmart™ software is integrated with Opla’s automated manifolds. We collect data from various points around the rig, every second, to calculate a real-time, accurate pressure profile in the wellbore. This data is used to automatically control the reactions of our electric chokes. This ensures that the desired pressure profile is maintained even under constantly changing conditions. At the same time this data is continuously streamed to Opla’s cloud service providing us and our clients with a complete picture of what is happening at the wellsite anytime, anywhere. Clients can view choke positions, setpoints, hydraulics data and more, providing unprecedented visibility of your MPD operations.

MPDSmart™ Manifold

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