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Our goal is to power engineering, wherever that may be.

Pre-job Planning

Hydraulic Modeling

Drilling Program Development

Identifying Obstacles

24/7 Engineering
Supervision & Support

Immediate Response Times

Real Time Analysis

Daily Engineering Reports

End of Well Reporting

Visual Summaries

Time Analysis

Lessons Learned

Providing clients with personalized real time engineering solutions to ever changing and complex Drilling problems.

MPD Engineering

Custom Engineering Solutions

Opla’s approach to managed pressure drilling is different. We look at all aspects of well design to see where MPD can be utilized to maximize results. Our MPD experts look at casing design, setting depths, BHA configurations, mud & cement programs and much more. Our custom engineering solutions ensure that every well we drill is unique and MPD is utilized correctly to maximize results.

Fingerprinting pressure profiles

MPD2 – Monobore Performance Drilling Patent Pending

Managed Pressure Cementing

Managed Pressure Tripping

Constant Bottomhole Pressure (CBHP)

Managed Pressure Flow Drilling

Engineering Software

Opla Engineering Software

We provide modern design and related comprehensive engineering software, as well as the necessary assistance and support.

Cloud Engineering

Opla Cloud Solution

We measure critical data at various points around the rig site including flow rates, pressures, mud weights and rheological parameters. This data is streamed continuously to our cloud. Our clients can access this data through Opla applications or any web browser. This allows you to stay connected with your operations anytime, anywhere.

Data Streaming

Thousand of data points are streamed to our cloud every second providing an unprecedented level of MPD operations visibility.

One Platform

More than just MPD, with multiple drilling engineering analysis tools combined into one software platform.


Our machine learning algorithms use Opla cloud data to train an Artificial Neural Network regressor.

Real-Time Engineering

Around the clock monitoring by our MPD engineers allows for drilling problems to be identified proactively & avoided.

Opla RTOC Engineering Team

Shawn Cody

Shawn Cody

Engineering Manager

Rory Kershaw

Rory Kershaw

RTOC Engineer

Ahmad Alizadeh

Ahmad Alizadeh

RTOC & R&D Software Engineer

Saied Afshari

Saied Afshari

RTOC & ML Engineer

Jean Calvin Mbarga

Jean Calvin Mbarga

RTOC Cloud Engineer

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Drilling an oil well is an engineering extensive task. Drilling engineers need to monitor, analyse, and manipulate various inter-connected parameters in order to perform a safe and efficient operation. Competent engineering and optimization of the process will reduce the operation costs considerably while avoiding costly mistakes.

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