Rotating Control Device

Rocky™ RCD - Built for the extreme

Rocky™ RCD is the combination of engineering, innovation and design based on feedback from clients, industry experts and field personnel. The Rocky™ features a non-collapsing sealing element to ensure safe stripping operations even under elevated pressures and extreme temperatures. Our RCD is designed to withstand the toughest operations and deliver maximum value to our clients with extended bearing and stripper service life.

RCD Bearing Assembly Features

  • Elongated rubber for maximum stripping safety and service life
  • Non-collapsing sealing element under elevated pressure and temperature
  • Robust bearing design for radial & axial loads and vibrations
  • Easy to mount sealing element
  • Swivel flange bottom connection for easy nipple up
  • Corrosion resistant parts to maximize service life and rotary seal performance
  • Sour Drilling Service (NACE MR0175)
  • Low maintenance cost
  • 3 Different Options Available:
    • Real-time pipe-rubber axial friction Patent Pending
    • Real-time bearing lubricant pressure and temperature
    • Hydraulic clamp

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