Automated Manifold

Drill Safe & Save Cost with the Steady Pressure Control
and Accurate Flow Monitoring


Electric Chokes


Two powerful (2kW) servo motors drive Opla electric chokes to achieve fast and smooth control of the surface pressure under all drilling conditions. Drill and trip with confidence in narrow pore pressure windows with Opla choke manifold.


Mud Rheology


Monitor fluid circulation and instantly manage kick and loss. The Opla Coriolis flowmeter reports density and flowrate and then takes it one step further and reports real-time mud rheology, this provides incremental data on the mud quality and increases the accuracy of the fluid model utilized in hydraulic calculations.
Patent Pending


Control Unit


Opla utilizes high performance servo drive and fast processors PLC in the intelligent control unit to maximize accuracy and precision in monitoring and controlling of MPD sensors and equipment. Our Instrumentation and automation packages are safely enclosed for operations in hazardous zones (Class 1 - DIV. 1)


The Opla MPDSmart™ Manifold is controlled via a non-linear closed-loop controller receiving feedback from two accurate pressure transducers. Its unique control methodology minimizes the reaction time and pressure overshoot under all drilling conditions.Patent Pending




Opla’s real-time hydraulics modeling is integrated with our MPD manifold and has three different control modes (SBP, BHP, ECD). MPDSmart™ Software leverages data from various points around the rig to calculate real-time accurate bottom-hole pressures. With our cloud connectivity clients have the ability to view and monitor MPD operations anytime, anywhere.

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Opla MPDSmart™ manifolds can be rigged-up on all onshore and offshore sites under any weather conditions. Manage the well pressure with high accuracy at any depths with Opla MPDSmart package.

Drilling Superiority with Opla MPDSmart™ Manifold


  • FC Type Gate Valve
    (4 1/16” 5000 psi)
  • Inlet: Fig 602 4”
    Outlet: Fig 206 4”
  • Sour Services Rated
  • Manifold Weight: 8000 kg
  • Skid dimensions:
    19’X10’X9’ (LXWXH)

Dual Servo Electric Chokes

  • Power: 2 kW
  • Pressure rating: 5000 psi
  • Trim size: 3”
  • Reaction time: 6 s from 0 to 100%
  • Setpoint Pressure Relief

Coriolis flowmeter

  • Realtime Fluid Rheology
  • Flowrate: 5-1000 gpm
  • Mud Density, Temperature & Flow
  • Accuracy: 99 - 99.9%
  • Flow readings with gas presence (<4%)

MPDSmart™ Software

MPDSmart™ manifold is powered by the intellegent MPDSmart™ software resulting in the engineering precision & operation's automation.

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